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having some port issues


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i have followed the speed/setup guides,tried forwarding my ports to the best of my understanding(network everywhere nr041) but i keep getting Port 15182 does not appear to be open(i've tried other ports) the torrent i'm downloading has a large amount of peers and few seeders and the speed jumps from fast to agonizingly slow i have clearwire broadband connection. I have gotten the status to change from the red circle to the yellow triangle. I've never had this much trouble with utorrent when using it on a different network and computer, i can't go to portfoward.com's forums since i have yet to get the email containing my password

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I have same problem to. I use SMARTAX MT882 modem and my speed is 256 KBps (For user from india this is something big for an average price) anyways, i have used this guide to forward ports http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Huawei/SmartAX-MT882/Utorrent.htm

I am using 45000 as my port number and disabled random ports when uTorrent starts each time.

This is what my modem shows in Virtual Server settings

Utorrent TCP 45000/45000 Always

Can someone help me out understand why i still see thats yellow triangle (No incoming connections) and not green one?


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