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100% CPU / Crashing


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I thought the problem was YASU, I then realized I was wrong when lately, I've been turning the computer on, running uTorrent, walking away, and coming back to the main login screen (Not a locked computer screen). I've read a simular situation, where this occurs with certain virus scanners installed, and I don't have any installed (I plan on formatting soon, vista is nice but takes up too much resources, and I don't have the money to upgrade just yet. After that, I'll install virus protection). I did notice one time, all I had running was uTorrent, Mozilla Minefield (The trunk build of Firefox), and AOL Instant Messenger. AIM and Minefield both started to randomly become unresponsive, as well as DWM. And eventually, it just restarts. Worst part is, Windows doesn't report that there was a problem, but does ask if I want to start in safe mode.

System Specs:

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 64-bit

System: Custom Built (Gigabyte Based)

Memory: 1GB DDR2

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3800+ (2.4 Ghz)

Startup Items:

OpenOffice QuickStart


Microsoft IntelliPoint

Microsoft Media Center Tray

Microsoft System configuration Utility

Windows Defender


Thanks for any help.

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