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Speed went down ... A LOT !


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Helo guys ..

So, this is just a fast question ..

Since i started using Utorrent to donwload stuff i was getting 80 ~ 110 kpbs to download and 45 kbps do Upload ..

Well, 2 days ago i started downloading with low speed, like 20 ~ 40 or more , sometimes i even get back to 100 ... but i have to have like 4 torrents running, just 1 is not enought like before ....

I was thinking if low ratio is responsable for these ...

My total ratio is 0.665

Download : 15.5 giga

Upload : 10.5 giga

So, can ratio decrese download limit ?

Because my upload is still fast !


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On a private tracker/torrent, yes.

On public torrents...it depends!

Just remember if you have a ratio of <1 that someone else either had to have a ratio well over 1...or someone didn't even get to FINISH the torrent because you left too soon.

Have you tried using Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choosing the xx/384k setting or xx/512k setting?

These are closest to the 45 KiloBYTES/sec UPLOAD speeds you're seeing.

It will probably improve your download speed as well.

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