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What does the * sign mean in the download order field?


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Hi... I'm having a problem with uploading!! I hope you's can following this OK....here goes...

I use a site to download torrents but its a site you have to login too. When I do this and start off the download eveything is OK in utorrent. But once its a 100% completed I lose connection to all seeds and peers and the downloaded file will not share, the upload speed is at 0.0kb!! I have noticed that the number order in which the you can set the torrents to as a * in the field?? What does this mean, is that causing the problem??

When I use another torrent sites, one's which you don't have to log into its fine, the files download and they share out OK too!? The problem is that the site I usually use wants you to share files, so my ratio is fast approaching the 1.00 mark, if it goes under then i'm going to be penalised and removed if I don't begin to share the files!

In the files that will upload, they say that DHT status: 'announce in 15 minutes (got 115 peers)

Where as in the ones that don't upload, it says DHT status not allowed!!!

As anyone come across this before....or knows what the problem is??? My DHT as 306 nodes and I have a green tick, my port forwarding seems to be OK cause I can actually download.

any suggestions?

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