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Problem with /gui/ path.


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My current setup is like this:

Apache running on port 80

uTorrent running on port 8000

Apache has a reverse proxy from /gui/ to localhost:8000/gui/

That's not so nice.... but there's no other way to do it right now because many of the paths in the WebUI are static and not dynamic. (Don't know why... nothing in there that has to be static)

Is it possible to use dynamic paths or set a custom base path in the next release so I can set my server like that:

/uTorrent/ -> localhost:8000/gui/ (dynamic) or

/uTorrent/ -> localhost:8000/uTorrent/ (static)

that would solve the problem with most proxys in networks.

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I think the /gui/ part is hardcoded in the webui.zip part and not the utorrent part.

In more detail: I suspect utorrent core uses /gui/ and nothing else but the hyperlinking, redirecting and forwarding and such that causes problems when you reverse proxy localhost/uTorrent/ to localhost:8000/gui/ is coded in the webui.zip and maybe you could edit it there so that this works. I've opened the webui once and got lost in the single line stuff pretty fast so gave up trying to figure it out.

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