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Speed do not stabilize


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Hello There,

Some weeks ago, I installed Windows Vista x64...My uTorrent was working fine and I was reaching upload speeds like 65kb/s. By the way, when upload speeds reach the limit to upload it stabilizes.

Then I formated my pc, But this time I don't know why, my upload speeds are unstable. It do not stabilizes and its lower. My connection is 4000/600 but I can not reach these speeds anymore.

Enven trying that torrents that have dedicated servers (Open Office, Linux)

I'm sure it happened before the pc was formated.

By the way, I've tried ALL the guides.

And at the first time, whem everything was ok I had not used any of these speed guides...

So I THINK is because windows...

Of course I've tried formating again, and again!


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Hello Switeck,

My settings are:

The status light is green.

I'm using port 57345, the port is fowarded properly. And the encryption is enabled.

My connetion speed is xx/512, on the speed test the speed was 3800/600.

Windows Vista is installed on my pc. And there is not another software installed on my pc.

My router is a Linksys WRT54G v5 - It's using the last firmware version.

My ISP is virtua.com.br, and it's a cable service.

It's strange because thse problems started after my 2nd Vista installation. There were not problems for the 1st time!

And I've noticed that one of the files that should be uploading is not connected to the peers. I dont know why, but the upload speed of this file never reach the maximum...It's always about 8kb/s. And my upload limit is about 60kb/s

Thank you!

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Can you do some web searches using GOOGLE (or any decent search engine) to see if your ISP is known to throttle BitTorrent traffic?

Have you tried the 3rd party Vista patch to allow higher half open connection amounts?

(It's been mentioned in other forums here.)

Have you tried Ultima's Slow Speed Guide here?:


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