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i've a 64kbps conn


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hey!!! can som1 help me out there.initially i wasn't a download freak so i'm using a 64kbps conn,but after i came 2 kno about utorrnent i've started downloading stuff.

but i haven't seen spd going up than 5kbps,i kno that my net spd is responsible 4 all this,i don't expect a miracle 2 happen.

but can any1 tell me any tweak or any setting i should do 2 increase the spd till 15kbps-20kbps.

don't tell me 2 visit any blog cause there a lot of info is available but of 256kbps conn & don't advice me 2 get better conn,cause i can't do that 4 next 6 months.

i hope someone or other out there will have a solution,so plzzzz help me out.plzz mail me if u want:gpronita@rediffmail.com

i hope someone will soon understand my problem & respond

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thx 4 ur quick reponse but i even don't get 7-8kbps & when a file is 90% completed the spd reduces drastically,its somtimes goes as down as 0.5kbps.

i've gone 2 bandwidth allocation & reduced the upload limit to 2kbps,i also got utorrent1.7beta installed,if 8kbps is the max available then what settings do i've 2 do 2 get that spd or spd nearing it atleast

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