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i cant download


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If the torrent reports lots of seeds, but you never connect to any, then you should be warned that those are possibly FAKE torrents.

If a torrent has lots of peers and you connect to more than maybe 10...and availability is less than 1.0 then it is HIGHLY likely the torrent is a fake...especially if there's multiple seeds reported that you're not connected to.

The BEST thing to do with FAKE torrents is to stop them and delete them.

If you are not sure a torrent is fake, change that torrent's settings:

set upload slots to 1,

set upload speed to 1 KiloBYTE/sec,

and lower bandwidth allocation (Bw. Alloc) to LOW.

...and then start another (hopefully good) torrent. :)

If the unknown torrent actually completes, test it! If it seems good, change your settings back and PLEASE seed it at least to 1:1 ratio!

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