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speed after format


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i have the shame problem after a format for second time :

utorrent version 1.7 built 1672

xx/192 from speed guide

patch tc/ip set to 50

global connection lowerd to 60

maximum number of conected peers per torrent 55

number of upload slots per torrent 3

maximum active torrents 2

20-23 netmax halfopen

net low cpu= false

peer lazy bietfield=false

port forward ok port nuber 32459

router thomson speedtouch 585v6i

connection 256/1024

my isp dont list it to interfear with utorrent

firewall only this of windows with the exeption of utorrent

upnp=no dht=no

i get a green triangle

kaspersky antivirus

and the results are 30kB/s at download speed and the same or up to 40 download speed in a torrent from oppenoffice torrents

Any ideas am i doing something wrong?

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switeck i have also i have tried deferent numbers 4,6,10,14,18 but all it was all the same

and i cant understant because its the second time tha these happens after a format

you suggest that all the problem lies at the netmax halfopen?and i must not touch anythink else?

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If your goal is to minimize overloads on your networking hardware (router) and software (firewall), then a low net max half open is a MUST.

Can you use the upload speed suggested by the xx/256k setting, or is that too much for your connection?

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ok i will change it to see what hapens you know here in grece the adsl tecnology is very very behind than other countries

px when i am doin a test for speed the numbers are to see theme and lough

upload 225 download 839?inai 256/1024 line?

but i will try to see what it will happen with xx//256

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nope it is in greece specificaly in athens and in thessaloniki two diffferent speed tests

i have told before hear the adsl tecnology is very very behind

with xx//256

and 12-14 net max open and untouched everythink else

i am geting 15-50 kB/s download and 17-21 kB/s upload

but also the weird think is tha it isn`t stable at all

i will continue changing the numbers at net max

and if you are kind enough i will tell you the results

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lower half open rate?around 8 or less?

but if this is the case the download rate reduse way to much

yes it disconects after around 6 minutes and the reconects the result

is that the download and the upload numbers are those i have mention

before and the strange

think is that i get good numbers very early in morning my time for exaple

i have set 20 half open and today at 5 in morning the download number

was 101kB/s and the upload 21kB/s but to reach there have passsed from

9kB/s download and upload 13kB/s

i dont now what else i must do to stabilize the numbers

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If you're not firewalled in µTorrent, even a half open rate of ONE is ok.

You should be able to maintain peer/seed connections for hours to ips on good ISPs.

Morning hours = better speeds = your ISP throttles more during 'peak' hours, OR your ISP is severely overloaded during 'peak' hours.

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@standalone i have not understand your settings but your connection is 10 times better than mine

@switeck the only sute think is tha i am not firewalled in mtorrent ani i have properly forward my port the only sure think for my isp i am sure that these is the case because

i have already state before my results in speedtest so i dont expect

max download or upload

only stability nothing else thats why i touch half opoen rate

leaving evrythin else untouched

and another problem that i see is that i never get the full amount of seeds or peers that

are in swarm for exaple i download a file with 100 connected seeds(68 in swarm)

and i get max 30

and from 90 peers connected (25 in swarm)

i get max 10

and the availability of the torrent is 29.997

and an update question in vista the settings are the same or there is any difference at all?

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