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Utorrent Feedback?


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Since uTorrent is in a development stage, it makes all the sense that the developers want to track performance as they tweak the code.

I've seen complaints about how long it is taking to connect to peers. Aggregate performance data allows them to see if this is improving or getting worse as new releases come out.

That said, it is a matter of transperancy to expect that developers would make this clear in the documentation (if indeed this is what it is about). Having debuted only recently, it is this kind of relationship between users and developers that needs to be built for long-term success.

Why not ASK for cooperation instead of surreptitiously sneaking it in? With the level of enthusiasm already building with this program I wouldn't be surprised if users willingly chose to do so. OTOH, forcing the hand with users for information is only likely to antagonize the community.

The Internet medium almost demands transperancy of information.

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