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AM I Greedy ?


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Hi everyone I am with comcast and am behind a router, My speed test shows DL~9825 UL~1110 ok . Now with Event ID 4226 wich limit max half open connection for winxp to 10 , I have used the patcher to raise my limit to about couple millions. then I properly forwarded the necessary port .now let's go utorrent

-Max active torrent=25 -----> A

-Global max number of connection=1M -----> B

-Max number of connected PEER per torr= B/A=40000 ----> C

-Max UL slot per torr=1


with these settings as soon as I start a well fed torr my DL goes up to 1.1MB/s for few sec then gradualy drops back down to around 750KB/s while keeping my UL low

does anyone knows if it's utorrent hidden setup ,ISP tricks or DOCSIS regulations implemented on the modem and/or router


plz help I want to DL >=1MB/s

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Short answer: yeah, that's pretty greedy.

With only 1 upload slot PER torrent, you're saying you want to download from MANY people at once while uploading to only ONE PERSON at a time. ...and possibly at low upload speed, which you did not state.

Another thing, your settings are in a word BAD for your marginal connection.

You don't have a 1 GIGABIT/sec connection, you have less than 10 megabits/sec down and a little over 1 megabit/sec up. That's 1/100th as fast on the download and about 1/1000th as fast as a gigabit/sec ethernet connection.

In Speed Guide (CTRL+G), the closest match to your connection is xx/1Mbit -- that's your UPLOAD bandwidth amount. You could enable the 'use more upload slots if upload speed <90%' to induce more peers to upload back to you because you're uploading to them if/when you're not reaching the set maximums.

A half open rate in µTorrent higher than 50 is a waste of resources. Your download speeds WILL drop as you're spending so much bandwidth making new connections that old ones are starved. Already-made connections can and will break if there's the slightest weakness in your networking hardware and software even at a half open rate of 10. Others may be connecting to replace them, but it's better to use a lower half open setting and just keep what you have instead of constantly cycling through potentially 1000's of ips a minute only to hang onto maybe a couple 100 at any given time.

You may be able to get by with slightly higher global max connections than what Speed Guide (CTRL+G) advises for your connection -- and more torrents at once. But 25 at once that are going "wide open" is likely just leeching 1 or more of them.

If you're downloading faster than you're uploading, not only is someone else not...a LOT of people probably aren't!

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