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Speed issue on ONE computer


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Strange thing is happening - I have been having speed issues isolated to only a single computer in our network. It doesn't seem to be able to pull more than ~35kB/s on any torrent. The other computers on the network run torrents fine, it's just this one. I've tried running a torrent on it for awhile, it usually sits at about 25kB/s, but if I stop it on that computer and try it on my laptop it shoots up over 100kB/s. It's really strange. I've tried re-installing uTorrent, and I've set the upload speed at 10kB/s (2Mbit/128k connection). Ports are forwarded correctly etc.

I have absolutely no idea what could be wrong. Any ideas?


Just saw the sticky, here's the required info to include:

Colour of light is Green

Port checker reveals port is forwarded fine

Upload Limit: 10kB/s

Upload slots: 3

Connections (per torrent): 35

Connections (global): 50

Windows XPSP2

Windows Firewall, Nod32 Antivirus

Modem is some generic brand DSE thing.

ISP is Woosh (NZ ISP)

ADSL connection (2Mbit/128kbit)

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You've got maybe 10-14 KiloBYTES/sec total upload speed possible. If 1 computer is using it, then the other computer cannot...and gets so choked that even download speed suffers, possibly ALOT!

Are both computers using different ports on your router?

(If so, that would explain the problem/s right there.)

Nod32 Antivirus causes problems with µTorrent...something about IMON needing to be disabled in it from what I've heard -- or uninstalled completely!

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I was testing by disabling on one and using the other each time. So I wasn't running both at the same time. I have Nod installed on my laptop too. Yes, both are using different ports, how could this be the issue? Both are just randomly generated by uTorrent.

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I messed up in my explanation. I should have said if both computers were using the SAME port there could be a problem. Totally backwards from what I said.

Is Win XP SP2 on both computers, or does one have something else?

It's got to be the difference/s between the computers causing the problem, although I still suspect NOD32 AV.

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