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I would like to learn how to seed for others


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The simplest way is to just keep your torrents running after they finish downloading so that your ratio is at least 1:1.

You may also need to run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and find the settings that closest matches your UPLOAD bandwidth.

Note: upload bandwidth is usually a lot less than download bandwidth...you may have a "2 meg connection" = 2 megabit/sec download bandwidth, but only have 256 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth -- 1/8th as much!

The settings to get the fastest download speeds won't give you the fastest upload speeds, so if your goal is to seed in the most useful manner possible for your connection while not being "hurt" by slow web surfing in return...you may want to use fewer global connections and fewer max connections per torrent for most connections.

Seeding a torrent doesn't gain any benefit from lots of connections as downloading can up to a point. Ironically, having just 30 connections per torrent may yield the fastest download speeds even for very fast connections...IF the 20-30 connections you get are fast peers or seeds. Even download speeds WILL drop after too many connections are made/attempted at once...regardless of the speed of your end or everyone else's!

Keep the half open max advanced setting the default of 8...or even lower it to 4...if all you're doing is seeding. A higher value can actually cause disconnects and slower speeds both while seeding or downloading. If you're not firewalled in µTorrent, a lower half open max is preferable...since most of your connections are made from incoming peers/seeds connecting to you.

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