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Question on router configuration.


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I read the user and installation guides, configured the router and opened the ports in the firewall, and everything seems to work fine.

But it's a matter of curiousity - i did not understand clearly enough how the port mapping and redirection work.

For example - to avoid any NAT problems, I should first try to activate UPnP in the router - I did. If it works correctly, is it still nesessary to have a static IP? In other words, is getting a static IP a kind of a prerequisite for normal mTorrent operation on a system with router? Or is it somehow possible to work with dinamic IP?

Could you give me any link to more detailed explanation of all those mechanisms?

Thank you.

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With UPnP working you do not need a static (LAN) IP.

Port forwarding is giving your router the information it needs to tell a incoming connection on a certain port to be directed to the computer running utorrent. Because this is done using an IP address normally you need a static IP address. Otherwise you would have to adjust the port forward every time you get a new IP.

However when u enable UPnP you don't need to forward your port manually, instead µtorrent talks to your router giving up-to-date information about where you are (IP) and which port µtorrent is using. Not all routers support this.

The IP we talk about is the one your computer uses in your network. Not the one your router uses on the internet.

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