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Connecting to Seeds = Source of Reduced Speed?


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I have used uTorrent for quite a long time now, and a year ago (even after my ISP decided to throttle BT), I didn't really have many problems with BT. I was still getting 200-300 kb/s speeds on popular torrents with lots of seeds and peers from public trackers.

However, for the most part of the past 12 months, I have lived on residence and did not use BT very often (except on weekends using my laptop). I needed to reformat my desktop (which I used at residence) and installed a fresh install of XP SP2 and uTorrent 1.7 beta. The problem I am having is that my speeds have dropped considerably, to around 20-30 kb/s on the same torrents of which I was getting 200-300 before. I tried the openoffice torrent and got 80 kb/s (not sure if this is considered a lot for that specific torrent/tracker). One of the major differences I have noticed in comparison to before, is that I am now connected to MUCH fewer seeds. In most cases, I am connected to less than 5 on a torrent with 2000+ seeds. This is the same for torrents on different trackers, and I am sure these trackers are public and not private.

I patched the TCP file to allow more connections, and have tried downgrading to 1.6.1, but the problem still remains.

I have not yet tried BTing with my laptop (I haven't changed any settings) yet, but I will be tonight.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I am on Rogers (I get around 7 mbps down), and a wired connection behind a router that I have port forwarded correctly.

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Hmm that is probably the case, but what I am concerned/wondering about, is if the fact that I am now connected to much fewer seeds than before is a result of the throttling?

throttling = less connected seeds?

as we speak, I am connected to 7 out of 765 seeds for one torrent.

also, for encryption, should I be using forced or enabled?

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