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Hey so I have a problem uploading


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My upload speed is great! However, when I am the only one seeding, and only 3 or 4 leechers are on me, I dont upload at all. Why is this? I am clever, and I have the ports open for uTorrent 1600 to work. Should i update?


I seed about 25, and increased the maximum # of uploads to 25 as well. Could this be the problem? I have all on forced start

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yes, this could be the problem.

you are running way to much torrents.

Please stick to the numbers CTRL+G gives you when you choose in the dropdownmenu the value that equals your UP(!)loadspeed!

I guess you will see that you should not run more then 1-2 or if you are lucky with your ISP's uplaodspeed 4-5 torrents at once!

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