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Optimizing ADSL connection


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I used the speed guide within utorrent to set up my connection accordingly , since I have 128kpbs for upload (1700kpbs for download) it will set for only 1 connection at a time, no matter if download or upload, what is really slow to seed, I have to wait a torrent to finish so then I can start seeding, or if I have another torrent to download I'll have trouble seeding and getting seeding ratio.

I'd like to know if I increase the upload slots will reduce my download speed or if there's any other consequence when increasing the upload slots since I have to share a lot before downloading anything with a slow upload.


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Perhaps you are confusing active torrents with upload slots?

Multiple torrents can become active even if limited to 1...IF only the last torrent uploads or downloads faster than 1 KiloBYTE/sec.

Each active torrent, whether seeding or downloading, tries to reach its max upload slots.

Each upload slots represents a person you're trying to upload to at this given moment.

So if you allow 4 upload slots per torrent, µTorrent will be trying to upload to 4 people per torrent at any given moment...though it may change which 4 people (ips) it's uploading to every few seconds.

The problem is, lots of upload slots add up if you have multiple torrents going at once. With just 2 active torrents...the 4 upload slots becomes 8 total -- splitting your upload speed roughly 8 ways (actually rounding down, because of overheads).

With 3 active torrents, the 4 each upload slots becomes 12 total...so even if you allowed 100 KiloBYTES/sec total upload speed, the average download speed anyone would likely receive from you would only be 8.3 KiloBYTES/sec.

With only 128 kilobits/sec total upload bandwidth, you can probably only upload around 10-14 KiloBYTES/sec total. So splitting that between 2 torrents would leave 5-7 KiloBYTES/sec per torrent. However with even 3 upload slots each, that's only 1.67-2.33 KiloBYTES/sec per person. That's workable...but barely.

And since many people are probably uploading faster PER person than you, they will likely get higher download speeds than you as a result.

BitTorrent doesn't try to reward the fastest overall uploader so much as the fastest uploader to a given person...they can't see how fast you're uploading to everyone else, and were you to tell them, you might just be lying about it.

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Yes, I confused the terms, sorry!

I asked this because in the site I use to download torrents, you have to upload a certain amount of data proportional to the amount you already downloaded, and sometimes when I increase the active torrents while downloading (so I'm able to seed while downloading (leeching) feeding my download quota) I noticed a reduction in download speed, so I started to wonder if upload can impact with the download.

Maybe I should reduce the upload slots to 1 or 2?

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Probably best to just allow 1 downloading torrent and 2 active torrents at once with 3 upload slots.

You can manually set torrents' upload slots to something other than 3, but setting it higher likely won't help.

For seeding torrents, you could reduce upload slots on them to 2 or 1 just to keep them active but not hogging so much of your upload speed.

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