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DI-624+NIS 2007= problems.Can someone help with definitive Do's+donts?


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Router: D-Link DI-624

Firewall: Norton Internet Security 2007

Virgin BB 2 Meg connection

I am at the end of my teather...

I have correctly followed the port fwd'ing steps, and it worked for a limited time then when I checked a day or 2 later - It said port incorrectly fwd'd. Although not forwarded I was able to DL a file at approx 25kb/s.So I have done what was asked yet it says NOW it is not correctly fwd's. I chose a port something like 44509...

I have tried all the tweaks to measure my up and down speeds to calibrate uTorrent and again had limited success.

I have tweaked NIS 2007 to Allow all inbound from any PC on my specified port on both UDP and TCP. This to me is a problem. Do I need 2 rules for NIS (In and Out) or do I only need an inbound only? I have read conflicting set up guides, so 2 rules or only one? Also, after creating the rule and turning on uTorrent NIS will prompt "allow connection on ALL ports?2 (or words to that effect), this to me is misleading as I just gave a SPECIFIC port in the rule set up. Should uTorr be open when creating the rules for NIS or closed?

I have been dealing with the erratic patterns of good one day, blocked the next on a rolling basis. Currently I am allowing uploads but not connecting to any of 700 seeds to DL, why me????!!!!

Ideally, I would like to stabilise my existing set up and get on with things, I dont really want to make more purchases and spend more set up time on a new router...

I was entertaing getting a Linksys WRT54GL, but if I do this is NIS going to still shaft me?

Advice please before a through the Di-624 out thje window!!!

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Thanks for the reply.

I ran speed guide before and did an external up and down speed test. My query on this is do I put my connection as 2meg or as per the external speed test (circa 240 kps?).

Still dont thisnk that is the problem!

What about NIS 2007, it seems to change the rule for uTorrent every time I set it - it seems as much as a prob as the D-Link...

Any tips for NIS? Should I have 2 rules (In and Out) or 1 rule (In)? I have followed the steps on this site and port fwd RE dedicating my forwarded port, I reckon the NIS is holding connections back too. Any thoughts on this?

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