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Cant connect to peers while seeding.. but leeching is fine ? ? ?


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Ok so heres the deal Ill explain best I can.

When ever I currently leeching a torrent, I can connect to all peers just fine. Both seeders and leecher swarm.

The instant the torrent gets to 100% completed and I become a seeder, I hardly ever connect to any peers at all. Very rarely if a torrent has 50+ peers I will connect to maybe 1-3 of them.

The green light is always on, and only turns to yellow when I am not connected to any peers.

I have no router

windows firewall turned off

I have ran port test and passed.

When checking the swarm at the site I DL from, it also shows me as connectable

Ive tried forced, enabled, disabled encryption

I set Lower net.max_halfopen to 4

Ive Patched TCPIP.sys

Ive set global connections to 200 100 50

Ive disabled DHT UpnP

Disabled resolve IP in peers tab

My comp/ISP specs are:

No router/firewall


Comcast (seattle)

I know I cant be the only one with this problem...

Again to sum up.. My upload speeds and connections are fine while leeching. As soon as I complete torrent and become a seeder I very rarely connect to any peers.

Someone please help

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One thread.

Another thread.

I've had a similar problem for months now. In that time, I've troubleshot it to hell and I've gotten absolutely nowhere.

My dilemma, so far as I can tell, differs slightly. I've noticed that the problem isn't completely absent from the time I'm downloading on a torrent. Although I hadn't noticed it before, there are some peers who get repetitively disconnected during the downloading process if data is being distributed to them and they aren't transferring data back. It seems to happen with all my torrents as well. For example, on a torrent I was just on a few hours ago, during the downloading process, there was one peer who I was uploading to at 45 kB/s, but wasn't distributing any data back to me. That peer connection would be repeatedly broken under the same verbose log message as my usual broken peer connections while seeding, while all of my other peer connections remained stable. Taken in isolation, it doesn't mean much, but the same exact thing appears to be happening on all of my torrents, with no pattern in the IP/domain of the dropped peers.

Back to you: What does the verbose log say about the dropped connections? As I said in the first thread I linked above, mine reads "Disconnect: Connection closed" in uTorrent and Azureus (my old client) reads "{peer} Peer connection closed: connection exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host;".

Also, we share the same ISP, although I'm in New Jersey rather than Seattle. As I say that, understand that I say it cautiously, knowing full well that any mention of ISPs [and implicitly, throttling] not named Rogers or RCN in a troubleshooting section tends to be regarded as the conspiracy theorizing of some fool who didn't realize that their power cord had come undone.

I'm close to just jumping ship for Verizon's FiOS service, personally.

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Odd, seems you're both on Comcast ISP.

I am too, and about all I ever do is seed torrents.

If I'm trying to upload to peers on "bad" ISPs such as Rogers or SingTel, I am lucky if that connection lasts more than a few seconds...or if it does, it will seldom upload faster than 3 KiloBYTES/sec.

Beyond that, I've had a single peer on the single torrent I was seeding max out my 42 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed. Usually though it takes 3-6 peers to do that, even though bandwidth *IS* available. I don't know whether the problem is on my end then or theirs. :(

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Not a criticism of you -- just saying: If it is being done, I don't know why it would have to universally affect all users of BT across all of the ISP's networks. From what I've seen [elsewhere], when someone complains about an ISP furtively engaging in this sort of behavior, there's always some other user on the other side of the country who has unabated access to bandwidth for their torrents and on that basis, foolishly claims to have debunked the idea that the ISP has been taking action against users. It may simply be that P2P traffic is identified and given extremely low priority, but not categorically blocked, leaving users on low-traffic nodes unaffected and those on high-traffic nodes traffic-shaped.

But whatever. I'm no expert and I probably am paranoid. There are, after all, ex-KGB agents after me. They sense my power and they seek the life essence.

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