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first 5 minutes like lightening (60-70kB/s). Then dropped to 0.5 - 2.0


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I cannot comment about your particular torrent nor care to check.

(Read announcement above for why!)

However µTorrent may be misconfigured for your connection...either allowing way too many connections, and quickly choking itself off. Or attempting too many connections too quickly via the half open connection rate set in advanced settings. Even the default value of 8 is too much for some marginal networking hardware (routers&modem) and software (firewalls&antivirus).

Try this "Internet Interruption or Slow Speeds?" FAQ by Ultima as well:


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i know exactly that scenario.

and i'm pretty sure it is your ISP or the people seeders/peers ISP that is blocking (trothing) them

there are many ways ISP can do that, they either do it to you, or to the source, what they do is just a Range of IPs trothing.

Under that scenario connections starts very fast, but as soon as Torrent is detected, it slows it down to basically nothing.

for Torrents like OpenOffice, and many other places that is "legit" from the ISP point of view, then they don't block it, and you are allowed to download full speed.

I personally went through that situation, it took me quite a bit of tweaking to get around it, and now i'm at full speed downloading anything.

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