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utorrent on vista problems


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I've used torrents for as long as i can remember. I've been through many clients as well. About 6 months ago i began using utorrent on my old xp computer. Unfortunately i began having problems with my isp and they ended up sending me a new modem. A Siemens Speedstream 4200 to be exact. I finally got my computer connected to the internet and to celebrate my 22nd birthday i bought myself a new vista computer. My problems begin here.

Ever since i got this new computer and new modem my internet experience has never been the same. I've always had to log in to connect to the internet but with this new modem i do not have to. I can view the internet just fine but as soon as i boot up Utorrent i can no longer view webpages and have to restart my computer to view webpages again. So i can run utorrent or i can search the web, never both. This i am sure is more of a modem setup issue than u torrent, so i am not that concerned about this.

The thing i am concerned the most about is i do not have a router. Yet when i get into u torrent it can not connect to trackers, it only will download via dht which is fine cause most of my files will get downloaded eventually however on private trackers that i have downloaded from for years they don't move. All my icons remain red, though at the bottom the icon is green. I tried to set up a static ip and port forward but it never worked. Then i began to figure that i do not need to port forward or have a static ip due to the fact that my modem is connected directly to my pc. I have read faqs like you wouldn't believe, yours and practically everyone elses and nothing seems to work. I'm basically so overwhelmed with not knowing what to do that i don't know where to begin again. Any help will be much appreciated.

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