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Red Arrows are Constant


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All my downloads continue to show the red arrow which means that the torrent is overloaded. This happens to me every once in awhile, but for som reason all my downloads are showing this. The speeds are very low and some wont download at all.

Is there something I am doing? Is this happeneing to anyone else? Do I need to update my u torrent?

How does one go about getting better trackers?

Thanks, J

Basically I think my problem is with my router and the dmz mode. What is dmz mode? Can someone tell me how to turn it off? Is it safe to turn it off? It is a protective firewall?

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no, DMZ is having NO firewall at all.

ask google/wikipedia if you don't know what something means ;-)

what is the reported tracker error telling you (timed out or something different?)

make sure you choose in CTRL+G the right value for your uploadspeed ot prevent overloading of your connection.

try disableing DHT in µT to reduce the stress on the networkhardware

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