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how to keep the completed torrents after deleting the files?


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hi all,

your help is appreciated with the following:

- My HDs' are very low on GB, so I need to delete the completed torrent files, but I'd still like to keep the completed .torrent files and the names of those files in the completed section of utorrent. my question is: is it possible in any way? how?.

- Is there a way that will allow me to arrange the downloading files by '#' and the completed ones by 'completed on' at the same time?

I'm using V. 1.6.1 build 490.

thanks in advance.

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You want to keep the links then save them in a text file

If you want to keep your downloads just burn them on DVD or buy an external HDrive

Though i never heard that you could keep a file by deleting them though you can get a recovery programme and recovers all the lost data my friend has one that can recover data from a HD with up to 8 formats though i daon't know what its called but i do know that it costs a lot

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vivansx: for the second thing i believe secondary sorting is what you are looking for. Sort by one column, then hold shift and sort by the second column.

As for the first thing, just set the torrent to stopped mode so its not trying to access the files anymore, then go into windows explorer and delete the files yourself. That way the torrent is still in the list, unaware that the data is gone.

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Thank you both for your replies.


I think you might have misunderstood me; it doesn't help that English is my 2nd language.


your instruction for sorting worked perfectly. 2 thumbs up.

regarding the completed files, what you've suggested is what I did before but it didn't work. when I close Utorrent, the torrents' green (completed icon color) turns red and the torrents move to downloading section.

for some reason now that I've tried it again, it's working!!!!!

one last question :)

is there a way to move downloading torrent files up and down by draging or changing the number instead of using the tool bar arrows?

Thanks again.

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