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Hi, several times already I have faced the problem that a download ran fine and smoothly. After some time it stopped totally. When I had a look to the file at the peers tab in the colon "MaxDown" I saw that all peers had 600 and had stopped all transit. What does it mean? I saw it also when download still was running some peers were changing to MaxDown 600 and stopped transit. But then they returned again to another value and the transit flew again.

Is there something which I have to do or do I have to accept this as a situation of my peers?

Additionally I can say in two cases the download ran fine until 89.2% and the it stopped with all peers having that "MaxDown 600".

Greet you all especially those who can answer me.

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Those are most likely fake/hostile BitTorrent clients...and the REASON why you only got 89.2% of the file!

You probably need to ban them all using ipfilter.dat and restart µTorrent (or use the clear ban list) to clear its bans on the 'good' ips on that torrent...assuming any are left.

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Thanks, maybe that's it. But how to ban them? in uTorrent I have not found any menu item for banning. (from Azureus I know, that you can do it by menu) I have prepared a textfile called ip.dat with all peers and have stored it in the program folder of uTorrent. But I don't know how to continue.


sorry, have asked too quickly. Answer about ipfilter.dat I found in FAQ.

But what I not found: after storing ipfilter.dat:

the menu offers:

<reset bans>


<clear peer list>

which one activates the filter?

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