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100mb setup help pls


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I have a question about my server 100mbit configuration.

I ask since I know sometimes people with similiar setups and the same network with much better download speed than me. My upload speed is always top notch but download suffers a bit and I am not sure why

I have tried the speed guide for settings @ 50mbit and also @ 100mbit and seen no difference with download from what I can tell.

What should I check or change to increase my download speeds. I am not complaining just curious as to why I can upload so good but my down suffers. I will throttle the upload alot of times just to see if that raises the download but it doesnt.

I figure maybe I am missing something. I like the nice upload but sometimes I want to finish fast as well but I move alot slower than some other USA counterparts it seems as they finish before me although I have watched if I was in fact helping that fact but alot of times I am not giving them alot of BW so they get it from someone I am not :(

50mbit seems to work better for me than 100 but its hard to tell.

Thanks for any advice.

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If you're getting lots of hash fails, look for groups of ips in a narrow ip range.

Such as ...that whole range would need to be block probably to prevent their corrupting influences.

There are hostile companies out there whose sole point of existence is to poison bittorrent swarms. If you don't block the, the torrents they're poisoning can be very slow to impossible to download.

The FAQ tells how to set up ipfilter.dat to block hostile ips and ip ranges.

...but it doesn't really tell how to determine what is a hostile ip.

A little ip research can do that...such as WHOIS lookups (use GOOGLE on that if you don't know what it means. :) )

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