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2132 Crashes with Old RSS.dat

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Same as title.

With 2132, view the history section once, it'll crash. Afterwards, it will crash on startup.

Tested under Wine, with a long RSS history.

Deleting RSS.* fixes this.

Probably caused by the changes to the way the parser manages RSS titles.


I have the .dmp files if you need them, as well as my old RSS.dat backed up.


Not sure what the story is here but it's just started crashing once more! :@

I haven't added any RSS feeds or anything. Blah!


Just to clarify, not a Wine crash, but a uTorrent crash.


Deleting resume.dat seems to have fixed it. I've restored my old settings.dat and rss.dat, no problems to speak of YET. I've got a copy of that file as well if you need.

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