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speed problem!!!1


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HI ,

Since last two days whenever i try downloading anything using utorrent or rather torrent my download suddenly drops to zero. It suddenly picks uo and then gradually again drops to zero. I am not able to download anything , but upload seems to go through although whenever i use FLASHGET i am able to get full speed of 30 kb/s i.e, direct download .

can somebody help me out , this is really very frustrating .

I would like to ad i have been using utorrent for last 8 months and never faced this problem . All ports are open with utorrent showing "green icon." of netwok connection

I have zone alarm pro installed with NOD 32 . I tried disabling zone alarm firewall but problem remains .

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Both Zone Alarm and NOD are KNOWN to cause problems, and not just for µTorrent.

Unless they are very carefully configured or completely uninstalled, your problems will remain.

Do searches for other posts on NOD32 AV and Zone Alarm to see how prevalent the problems with them are. :P

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