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no connectivity someone please help!


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I've been having this problem recently with my connection. I used to have a green triangle for the longest time and it turned yellow for a couple of days so I forwarded the port and set up the static ip and everything was all good for about a week. Now its yellow again! I looked all through the forums with no luck finding anything. Could someone please help me?


Linksys WRT54G firmware v. 1.02.0 (up to date)

Windows XP SP 2


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i dont know how to find out. I just dont know why it would work for a year with no problems. And now that I actually forwarded the port range, a week later, it doesnt work. This is exactly what I have in the port forwarding range 51049 to 51049

I have no clue whats wrong.

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Is your computer LAN ip really

Did you patch Win XP SP2's half open max limit?

(...Or not set µTorrent's half open limit in advanced settings higher than 8?)

Do you have a software firewall and/or antivirus software that also needs to be configured to allow µTorrent's traffic both in and out?

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