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Can't stand it please help... =(


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I've written here before..complaining abt my speed but nth helps..The speed is like getting worse and none of my frens is having the same problem despite using the same torrent program which is utorrent...

OK..i'm from malaysia and my ISP is in the bad ISP section...But my speed is running at less than 5kb if i'm lucky...most of the times i have a o.something figure (ep. 0.5kb) despite having high seeds and peers...

Please anyone that could help...

My port is fine

my upload is 22kbps,upload slots 3,connections per torrent 70

connections global130,max active torent 2, active downloads 1

windows xp

windos firewall installed

no router....modem is ZTE ZXDSL 831

using tmnet streamyx..(only service in malaysia)

DSL connection...

Pls..help..can't stand it...sobs

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Does µTorrent say it's firewalled?

Have you tried using ipfilter.dat to eliminate hostile ips which may also reduce your download+upload speeds?

Can you download from websites at decent speeds for your connection?

Is your upload speeds in µTorrent both reaching AND sustaining for minutes on end the upload speed max you set in µTorrent?

Have you tried Ultima's Slow Speed FAQ?:


...you'll probably get slightly higher speeds with reduced max connections.

And I doubt DHT, resolve ips, and show country flags are doing you any good either. They cost bandwidth, which your ISP is giving you little of...so you might want to try turning them ALL off.

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I've tried the ultima speed faq...But wat is ipfilter.dat?I dun think i treid that..

I use wondows firewall n its in my exemption list.

Yeah..i used to can dll at decent speed in torrent n at websites...now thespeed has greatly reduced also..

ANd my upload speed does not sustain...now..its only 0.3kbs..dunno why..

Just tried th torrent at slackware linux..check it out..less den 2kbs..

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