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Improving the "Set Download Location" ability...


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I'm using µTorrent for a long time now, and first of, let me say µTorrent is THE BEST CLIENT EVER! :D

It realy IS "Micro-Sized Yet Feature Filled" as specified in the homepage. :)

However, I'd like to suggest a "correction" for something that has been annoying me for quite a while...

In order to use the "Advanced -> Set Download Location" option from the right click menu, one have to stop the torrent manually.

Further more, after setting the new download location, a "Force Re-Check" must be manually executed also.

Plus (The following is something I'm not sure of... I might be wrong about it...) sometimes I have to manually move the files to the new location, because µTorrent has created new files, instead of moving the old ones (which are already filled with downloaded data) to the new location.

So now instead of having the files moved to the new location, I end up having two copies of the files, one in the old location (where the files are already filled with data), and one in the new location (where the files are only allocated).

I suggest the following:

1. Enable the "Set Download Location" option from the menu even if the torrent is active.

2. Clicking this option will display the new location dialog, and if cancel was not pressed the torrent's state will be remembered, and the torrent will get automatically stoped, and the files will get MOVED to the new location.

3. After that a "Force Re-Check" would be made automatically also, and the torrent will resume its previous state.

Also I would suggest adding options in the Preferences window to handle this situation...

Maybe add a "When using the Set Download Location option do:" frame, and in it add a "Auto Force Re-Check" checkbox, and a "Resume last torrent's state".

Maybe it's asking for a lot right now... I don't know...

But that's only a SUGGESTION. :)

Thanks µTorrent group ;)


Ultima: Numbering added.

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Well... It's not difficult but rather time consuming...

Instead of clicking "Set Download Location", choosing a new location, then getting back to whatever it is you were doing, you have to spend a bit more time clicking some stuff in the program in order to finish making it all work.

I guess what I'm getting at is that a program should do these stuff for you...

Applications in general should process these kind of things from start-to-end on their own, instead of leaving the user to do a combination of procedures in order to get the results he wants (by "combination" I mean stuff like having to stop the torrent, set the location, forcing a recheck, etc.)...

I'll say more than that... :)

It is obvious that a torrent MUST be stopped in order to set a new location for it, right?

Why else would the option be disabled in the menu in the first place?

Moreover, a force recheck MUST be made as well after changing the location...

So, if these are the kind of "rules", or steps, the program defines, and it is obvious that these steps MUST be completed in order to complete the process of setting the new location, why not program the application to do these steps on its own?

Please give your opinion on the matter... :)

3. Already implemented in 1.7.

I'm using µTorrent 1.7 Beta, and I don't see it.

Could you please specify what you meant was already implemented?

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