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Zero upload rate / low download rate


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hi, first things first;

-my isp is BT home hub

-according to http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest?flash=1 my broadband speed is 2333kb/s down, 218kb/s up

-in utorrents speed guide i set connection type to xx/192k (=upload speed of 17kB/s)

-i unchecked randomise port, chose my own random port in the advised range and opened it through my router, tested it in utorrent and it shows as open

-downloaded the slackware torrent to test. after about 20-30 minutes the download speed is 6.1kB/s, upload speed is zero.

the confusing thing is that i'm certain that BT is allowing my torrents to go through fairly unimpeded, because only 5 days ago i was reaching 250kB/s downloads easily on a busy torrent. but this was with upload and download speeds set to unlimited, the only reason i needed to tinker with my settings was because utorrent was strangling my broadband and normal firefox websites would no longer load.

even more confusing is that reverting back to unlimited speeds doesnt change anything, i'm still getting downloads of about 7kB/s and ups of zero. i cant think of anything else i've changed.

any suggestions?

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im on the same provider with the hub & been experiencing problems recently with downloads - at the moment im on a torrent with 45 seeders on it, but only gettin 8 kbs max :( was thinking they might be throttling me cos ive asked for a MAC code today also

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