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Complete part torrent moves entire directory


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Not sure if this is a bug, one off, or the Way Things Work. Whatever way it's a pain in the butt!

I have a number of torrents in series, downloading files into the same directory. I had two going. When one finished, it moved the entire directory into my "completed downloads" directory. Suddenly the other in the series was back to 0% data... because its files (all different files) had been moved along with the completed files! I had to hand pick the files out and receate the directory in my download directory.

FYI, I was downloading complete torrents, all saved as default.

I'll find out in a few days if this happens again when the next in the series comes down, maybe it was a one off quirk. If there is some setting or something to get around this I'd appreciate help. Or, if this is the "way things work" can I turn this into a feature request post and ask that it retains the directory and other incomplete files in the download directory!

Thanks :)

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Sorry if I wasn't clear - both torrents download to the same directory, by default. EG:

Torrent 1:

/files/a*.* to g*.*

Torrent 2:

/files/h*.* to m*.*


Oce Torrent 1 finished, it moved the entire "files" directory to the completed download directory, including the unfinished files from Torrent 2.

The way it should work IMHO is that it creates or copies the directory structure in the completed download directory, moves the downloaded files, leaving the directory structure and uncompleted files. This would require moving based on the actual downloaded files, leaving any other files and directories with other files. Rather than a wholesale move of the main download directory.

Alas I don't know what is normal behaviour for other clients - I used to not use the "move completed torrents" options. So I'm not sure whether uTorrent is typical or not in this regard.

It's not the biggest deal in the world. But in certain situations it is a real pain.

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