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Extremely Slow Torrent Downloads


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Hello, this is my first post here, and I do have some knowledge of computers, but not so much with torrents.

Basically whenever I download any torrent whatsoever, regardless of the number of seeds/leecher ratios, my torrent download speed maxes at about 12kb/sec, but usually, like right now, it sits at a lovely 0.3kb/sec.

After I have downloaded something (takes me several days for an 300mb file...) I allways seed back up to positive ratio of seeding before removing the torrent (2.0 normally then i remove the file)

I have had two of my freinds, one living not far from me and the other in finland download exactly the same torrents, and they instantly get 100+kb/sec.

Downloading from a website or using download manager or a program like LimeWire I can get about 500k/sec, but torrents, no such luck.

I have been through all the guides here, set the correct speed XX/386kbps, used the program to increase my number of tcp/ip connections to 100.

Locaiton: UK

ISP: Pipex - 8Mb Broadband 6Mb Down/386kb Up

Modem: Speedtouch 330 ADSL - Plugged into motherboard USB port

Motherboard: XFX 680I SLI INTEL 775

CPU: 2.4Ghz Quad Core

RAM: 2Gb DDR800

GFX: 8800GTX

OS: Windows XP Home SP2 32Bit

Other USB Devices: Logitech MX330 Mouse and Logitech G15 keyboard

I have no AV programs and only use Windows Firewall which has been configured as in the guide on this website.

Only other programs running, would be something like Windows Media Player, MSN Messenger and a game.

Really frustrating, I don't understand it at all.

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