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What is it uploading when it says UPLOADING


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Apologies for what is probably a very simple question to most.

I am doing my first download of one of my favourite TV shows and noticed it had uploaded a large amount of data.

So panicked and stopped it.

So far Downloaded 26.9 MB of 350MB and uploaded 16.2MB

What has it uploaded, worried it's somebody just getting stuff of my computer.

How do I stop people doing that or can they not do that anyway.

Apologies again for being a beginner.

Cheers Rich

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sharing utilizing bittorrent requres you to share what you download

allowing people to upload the same thing you are downloading is a must,

and people who don't share are considered leechers, and are less respected

in most bittorrent communities

a good rule of thumb: seed what you download, to a 1:1 ratio

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Thanks for that it does make alot more sense and I have no intension of being a leecher.

But if my computer is open to other people downloading files from it, how do I police what they can get.

Are they just doing it through Utorrent and Utorrent knows whose got what.

Also when the file has completed downloading if I move it to a different folder will it still be available for people to upload, will Utorrent still be able to find it. I ask this as again I do not want to be a Leecher.

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