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  1. I only jump to that conclusion because 90% of people who use BT are looking for illegal files.
  2. Like you said it would be easy to track and then shut down..
  3. Have you tried 1.2 and see if it solves some of your problems?
  4. I don't see any place where anyone is forcing anyone to use any client.
  5. nnScript for mIRC is pro.
  6. What's the fun in using a client without tweaking it though?
  7. and DHT is up and working.. I have been in IRC 24/7 =] =] =] 1.1.8 testers are so lucky rawr..
  8. Only difference is that GoogleTalk has no features whatsoever.
  9. µTorrent is the best. Please continue development for a long time.
  10. Thanks for letting us know. Anyways, It's been said before but, It's hard to compare speeds between clients, since it's not always the client - It's the peers you connect to.