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Blue screen Crashes on Vista Ultimate using Utorrent


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[i originally wrote this minutes ago on another thread - torrentspy]

My old PC crashed and was forced to purchase a new one with Vista. Reloaded utorrent. I haven't been able to extract one file...crash! Will I have more luck with another bit torrent?

The same exact problem happened to me!!!!!!

My older PC had Vista Ultimate loaded on it. It crashed in a very weird way. It didn't just crash on me, it gave me a never before seen pop up stating that my Hard Drive needs to be taken to where I bought it but it kept working until I shut it off and tried to reboot it. I tried to fix the OS with the Vista disk. I tried to reload Vista on the hard drive in question, but Vista didn't detect it anymore. I then ran Scandisk for one week straight without restarting. I restarted only once. I finally gave up and ordered a new PC just like the guy above.

One thing to note on the older PC is that I was running UTorrent when it began to go crazy on me. I didn't think Utorrent had anything to do with it and that it was just an older HDD that had been through a few PC's. It was just one of those unexplainable very expensive nightmares you just had to move on from or hit yourself on the head with a hammer until everything goes black.

The HDD is gone. The others are fine though. It was only the C: that went bust ... I didn't even download my files to that drive which is the weird thing. I got the same setup in my new PC.

So ....

Here I am writing this through my Firefox browser on my brand new AMD Athlon X2 6000+, 2gb of DDR2 memory running Vista Ultimate, listening to old school DJ mixes on winamp talking to my lady on trillian. Everything is just fine - couldn't be better. Its been on for 5 hours already and no crashes.

But when ever I run UTorrent it crashes anywhere from 10 minutes of use to about 30 minutes. What the freaking hell!?!?!?!

I have used UTorrent for years and it never gave me problems. What happened?

When it crashes it flashes a quick blue screen and reboots. I have searched every where for an answer and I can't find any. It's all threads just like this, where some one posts a very alarming problem like this and every one answers back in disbelief and there are no answers.

I'm thinking the initial poster lost their C: drive just like I did and so they can't just post back. Except this person lost his second! It's only my theory as to why he never wrote back, or why in most of these threads on this issue are the same where the initial poster does not write back. Holy boot failure Batman!

Obviously there is a major problem going around and the UTorrent folk need to give it some attention.

Here are my amateur theories based on what I read in other threads:

1. (software conflict) There might be a conflict between the firewall and virus scanner when UTorrent gets busy. I'm using PC Tools Firewall Plus and Avast virus scanner. But in all honesty they look innocent to me.

2. (unknown foul-*ss bug in Utorrent) There is an unknown bug in Utorrent that is destroying hard drives which run Vista Ultimate as these problem never existed until the past recent months. I always keep everything updated using the latest updates and drivers. This one seems likely as all the threads I read are from Utorrent/Vista Ultimate users. All my drives are SATA by the way.

3. (conspiracy) There is some pro hollywood, RIAA super master hacker who is sending something unknown through the torrents or open ports targeting Vista Ultimate users. Most of the threads dealing with these crashes are Vista Ultimate users. Yet some were XP users, so I don't know if this one holds up.

4. (more conspiracy) Vista Ultimate does not work well with torrent software because Bill Gates has a love/hate relationship with us. Ohhhh I don't know.

I'm going to try to use Azerus and see if that helps. I read in one thread where this fixed the problem, which sucks because Utorrent was my favorite. But then I read in another thread that they got the same crashing results on Azerus! Both victims were Vista Ultimate users.

Any insight and help will be vastly appreciated. I really would like to stay with Utorrent but after this I'm going to start testing other torrent software to see if its Utorrent or Vista Ultimate.

help us,


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Make sure you're using the latest beta version of µTorrent. The X2 is known to have problematic drivers, so try different versions.

I'm not sure how you can stop Vista from automatically restarting on BSODs, but try looking somwhere in the System Properties applet (should be in the Control Panel). In XP, it's in the Advanced tab's Startup and Recovery settings (uncheck "Automatically restart"). After you find out where to stop it from automatically restarting, get back to us about which file is referenced in the BSOD.

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HooooooKay!!! The Beta Version 1.7 (build 2585) is better than the 1.6.1 stable release!

I actually went to sleep using the beta and it didn't crash and reboot. I am relieved with a smile that puts the kool aid man and the joker to shame. Thank you. The only thing that other forums could tell me is that "I never had a problem with utorrent on vista" which helped nobody.

On a more serious note:

I think it should be made public that the stable 1.6.1 version is not stable and may be pretty dangerous to HDD's running Vista Ultimate. And for those on Vista .... the Beta is highly recommended. It would be the nice thing to do as this issue effects hardware (C: drive) not just the OS. I'm staring at my old 80gb IDE's lifeless body as I write this. I heard it was $400 to retrieve it.

Unfortunately I did not do what was asked of me to get the details on the BSOD (blue screen of death). I just tried the Beta first as I felt very uncomfortable using this brand new expensive system to do tests that causes crashes like that which may have destroyed my last HDD on my older PC which was also running Vista Ultimate and Utorrent. I'm sure you could understand.

Anyways, I'm still sticking to Utorrent (beta) and glad I didn't have to revert back to Azerus or some other software. I do suggest the public warning above about the 1.6.1 and Vista. We can blame Bill Gates ;)

Big up to freeware.

very grateful,


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Indeed, the hard drive dying at the same time that it crashed was purely coincidental, and the hard drive was probably already dying before the crash -- the crash just triggered the Big Thing™.

I can just as easily blame my laptop for dying because I was running Linux on it at the time it died, but I know it wasn't Linux that killed the drive. It was the repeated quick spin-downs and spin-ups I put it through (shutting the computer down and back on almost immediately) because my Linux installation kept freezing. Indeed, I made a stupid mistake for doing that, but oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

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