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Problem with router WBR-3408


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i have this level1 router wbr-3408, my porblem only happen when i'm working with utorrent (latest beta) and the router. when connecting the cable modem direct to lan, evrything is fine, so i'm sure it's the router....

some information: cable conncetion, speed 3Mb d/l, 150kB u/l, OS Vista Unlimited, nod antivirus, vista firewall with port open, port forward on router and get green icon, i have update router firmware to latest.

the problem: when working with utorrent, i have high speed for about an hour, then speed drop for no more then 30kb, and i can't surf the web with explorer.

i can ping the router, and i can ping the web (www.google.com for ex).

i have tried evrything! change net.max.halfopen to 4 and even 1, disable UPNP,NAT-PMP, DHT, change the speed guide even to xx/64k, change port to only tcp and not udp, but no good!!

i read that there is a same problem with D-link router in the sticky, but to my router i can't telnet (or can i?), what else can i do??? (and please don't tell me to change router... )

waiting for the experts help!!!

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