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Ports forwarded, firmware updated - upload gone


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Hey all,

Recently I've changed my connection from ADSL to cable (3000/256). I'm using a WRT54GL, and yes I have flahsed a custom firmware on it and changed the TCP/UDP timeouts to 300 secs.

However, I'm still having some irritating uploading issues. When I downloaded a torrent with a HUGE amount of seeds and peers (10k+ seeds, 60k+ peers) the other day, I downloaded and uploaded at near-full bandwidth; however, when I try seeding less populous torrents (~50 seeds, and 4 peers... Private tracker :P), I get no upload whatsoever. The upload spikes to a mind-boggling 1.5 kBps when I start uTorrent, but then drops to zero. Screenie of my graph:


Also, when I try running a speed test, it freezes when it starts the upload test. However, mysteriously upload works just fine in eMule and IM file transfers.

But μTorrent is better than eMule! How can I fix it? :(

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What firmware have you flashed to? Not every third-party firmware is actually good (*cough*DD-WRT, I'm talking about you*cough*). Do you have QoS enabled in the router firmware? I've had the router QoS do funky things to my BitTorrent speeds, so I had to disable it.

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