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i'm downloading at 10 k\bs max [help]


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since i limited my connection in order the surf simultaneously downloads seems to be still limited.

after i finished to surf i changed back the setting to the original but the slow downloads speeds remain. this is the second time it happens to me. i formatted my system but again when i tried to limit upload for a few hours and change it back later the downloads seems to stay limited

(although it dosen't say download limited).

i'm downloading files with tons of seeders

upload limit:0 kb\s \automatic


connection global:700

upload slots:9

max active torrents:9

max active downloads:8

i'm using newest beta 1.7 and port 53364 the port is fowarded with winxp firewall and with edimax router.

my connection limit is 196 dl and 19.2 upload in dsl

The network status light is green

Operating system is Windows XP home

I'm using Windows Firewall, avg antivirus.

i have edimax router 4 ports BR-6104K. The modem model is eci B-FOCUS 312+

ISP: 012 (Israeli ISP)

Connection type: DSL.

Speed test results at speedtest.net: Download 1597kbps, Upload 164kbps, Latency 22ms

poret checker ok

i set global bandwitch limiting to automatic

what should i do?

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You don't have the connection for the settings you chose.

Run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the xx/192k setting which roughly corresponds to your upload bandwidth of 164kbps.

You may even need to use the lower setting of xx/128k if that doesn't work very well. :(

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Ravnadal, the problem is with 012. Many of their users (including myself) are suffering from it (check out this thread). Please call their technical support/customer service and yell at them. When I called them they denied that it's their fault, but I hope that if many of their users start complaining, they might do something about it (or at least admit that the problem exists).

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i've tried all the stuff written in the faq now i'm downloading at 30-40kb.

still not the 60-120kb i was hoping for and was downloading before...

Davdavon i think that if 012 is blocking we should really use the encrypting options(it helped me but not much).

i can't change isp so i have no other option.

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