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Torrents are in stopped mode and cannot be restarted after crash


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Hello everybody,

I had a utorrent crash recently and ran into the situation, that the torrents, which had been active just before the crash are being set to the mode "torrent is a stopped download"

Unfortunately it is not possible to restart them again. They just remain in stopped mode.

I searched the forum and the faq, tried some hints but couldn't find a solution:rolleyes:.

What I tried so far:

- restart utorrent and restart system

- force recheck

- reset bans (whatever this means)

- deleted one torrent (not the data) and readded it to utorrent (in one thread it was mentioned, that utorrent will somehow check what has been downloaded already).

I thank you very much for any further hints or help :-).



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Hello Lord,

thanks for the advice. It helped and solved the issue. I deleted the two files and then restarted utorrent. I then had to wait one night and the next morning all files stopped torrents where in active mode again.

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