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High CPU usage when using uTorrent


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hey all,

[First i wanna say ive read all FAQs and used the search engine- im still stuck]

I have a problem that occured to me just 2 days ago, as i use my utorrent.

my CPU goes crazy and my PC is all laggy and i cant do a darn thing to bring it back to normal, unless i reboot.

this has never happened to me before. now every time i open my utorrent it happens. i wonder if any of you guys are familiar with this problem and might have a solution... [i already did some searching but to no avail]

thanks in advanced for helping.

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Hey there,

I am experiencing the same problems, since two days ago. Can't pinpoint what change in my system has caused it; either my upgrade to utorrent 1.6.1 or one of the avast upgrades. On starting utorrent, the ashserve process eats my CPU for 90+%, making it impossible to do anything else on the system!

What to do? Roll-back?




avast home ed. v4.7.1001

utorrent 1.6.1

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