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Error when seeding newly created torrent - v1.2


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I created a torrent to seed knoppix std last night and as far as i knew all was well. But this morning i checked on it and it was showing in the status column "Error: access is denied". I've checked security settings for the folder, ive checked through parts of the utorrent options to see if theres some random setting causing this, but im at the end totally lost as to why i have this error.

For the sake of testing, i loaded up the same torrent in azureus to rule out a bad torrent file, and it seeds happily from there.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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I doubt its google or msn desktop, mainly because neither are installed. This computer is locked down against such spyware being installed.

Ive run spybot, av scans, checked registry, and so forth, and nothing shows up.

But no matter i can seed it from another machine with linux on it, without any problems. So i'll use that as the work around for now.

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