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!!!Speed Issue Resolved behind Clearwire's traffic shaping...


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For months I have been attempting to get around the traffic shaping clearwire has. They are my current ISP and I am unfortunately stuck with them for a while. I had no luck with proxies or enabling encryption until today.



The above link is to a new project that allows surfing the web anonymously. Picture all the users using the same structure somewhat like bittorrent. Encrypted connections between each allows for safe browsing.

All you have to do is install and point utorrent to the local proxy installed

This allows a connection to the tracker.

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The makers of TOR have stated they DON'T recommend running file-sharing through TOR as it's not rated for that much network traffic...plus it's hard on others on the TOR network.

But if you must...make sure you use very conservative settings. Remember ALL your download speed is someone else's upload speed...and they're probably on an asymmetric connection like yourself. You probably won't gain much out of DHT at least on big public torrents, and don't use 100's of connections either.

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