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[Forum] Why is there a "double post" rule?


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I just wanted to know, just to understand, why is there a "no double post" rule is this forum?

I think it might be for:

- limit the emails sendt to the topic subscribers?

- have a cleaner topic ??

- to have a easier forum experience to the user?

- to have a easier forum experience to the admin?

- another obscure cause?

I noted that the punbb php have been modified in order to ban double post, so I wonder why is this rule so important.

I personally don't see the importance of this rule, because I think it just benefit the admin and not the user.

If the emails sent are a problem, why don't modify the punbb php code to don't sent an email on double post?

Please note that I really want to know and understand this rule, I'm not flaming here


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Hi Ultima,

I this scenario, the "no double post" rule does not work and makes the end user experience the worst:

1. you post a topic

2. you get 5 direct answers to you in 24hs

3. you connect after 25hs

4. you have to copy&paste every single reply, paste the text inside [ quote ] bbcode, also need to copy & paste the username, because some users have difficult to remember username, you have to use the [ hr ] bbcode and then click Submit

The normal way to do this is to:

1. just click on every "quote" link and answer every user a personalized answer as he deserve. Then click Submit.

My point is, the "no double post" is made for the admins/moderators and not for the end-user. And this also means that the end-users end up in a too bad forum experience.

My 2cent as a end-user forum.

Do it what you want with this info, ignore it or take it as a suggestion.


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No one asked you to quote an entire post. That is the supreme of all supreme annoyances in a forum, especially if it comes with quote pyramids.

I really don't feel like getting into this whole debate again. I'm gonna lock this thread. If you feel like continuing the discussion, continue in the other thread. Don't keep your hopes too high about getting the rules changed, though.

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