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Speed Problem


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In advance i'd just like to say i'm not all that computer savvy so any help at all would be appreciated. :)

Down to business -

My current download speeds are hovering around 10 kb/s. The upload speeds are at around 40 kb/s. Now, i wouldn't think anything was wrong but the light at the bottom of the UTorrent page is red, and when I run the port forward test it says the port is not open, no matter how many times i've manually gone in and opened it. I've also tried the firewall port guides located on this site and have tried mulitple times to open a port on Norton Internet Security. Some of the specifications that were asked for are as follows.

I have Windows XP, Norton Internet Security, a Dell True Mobile 2300 router, and a cable connection. When I run the speed test on DSLReports, the mean for the download speeds are ~4900 kbps, and the upload speeds are at ~300 kbps.

I think the main problem is the port forwarding, perhaps I did that wrong. But anything else anyone needs to help me, or if I forgot something, please, don't hesitate to let me know and thanks in advance for any help anyone is willing to give.

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Yes, I did the forwarding on the router. However, this was before I uninstalled NIS, but i don't see how that could effect it. As to the IP Question, I followed the directions on PortForward.com, just like the Speed Guide said to. I made the static IP address and used that. I can show you some screenshots of how I did it if that would be of any assisstance.

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