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Problem with Port Forwarding


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I have just gone through the following guide to set up Port Forwarding to improve my UTorrent download speed:


My problem is in relation to Step 3:

Step 3:

The command prompt may look different on your screen, but it doesn't really matter. Type ipconfig /all in that window, and then press the enter key. This will display a lot of information. If it scrolls off the top you may need to enlarge the window.

The IP address that comes up on my screen is 192.168.*.***

However when I type in the website "whatismyip.com" my IP address comes up as 59.167.**.***

So as per instructions I put in the 192. IP address and set up a Static IP however when I open up UTorrent and go into Options, Speed Guide and "test if Port is forwarded correctly it brings up the following message "Checking port 16596 on 59.167.**.***..

Error! Port 16596 does not appear to be open.

Please see www.portforward.com for more information about how to map a port.

Please make absolutely sure that PeerGuardian2 or Protowall is allowing utorrent.com ( in either of those programs. Those of you using ipfilter.dat should make sure the list does not include the website's IP. After making sure of this, re-run this test by refreshing the page (F5).

Please help!

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Hi, Did you Setup Port Forwarding on your Router?? Then you said you Putin the IP in the Router Did you put the Static IP you assigned for your computer in the Router??

Also 192.168.xx.xx is a Private IP that means you are Behind a router. and to make things less Confusing you can Put in all the Numbers in your Private IP it is NOT a Security Risk.

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