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appreciate any help download speed have included all nec info


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Any and all help is appreciated i will continue to read post to search for the answer as I know this question has been posted many times , but i thought I would post while I search . I hope this information is what is need for i know with out the proper info it will be hard for you guys to assist me thanks in advance.

ok tried a different torrent got like 202kb speed must be the torrent that is causing the slow download. can some one point to a guide or tell me how tofind the bedt torrent to download thanks

system : windows xp

modem : westell 327

connection : verizon dsl

firewall/antivirus : mcafee

torrent : utorrent 1.6.1

speed test results :

down load :2489 kbps

up load :687 kps

latency :152ms

utorrent settings:

connection type: xx/256

upload limit : 22kbs

maximun download : 308

upload slots: 3

connections : 70

global connections : 130

"all additional bit torrents features are checked"

"allow incoming legacy connection is checked"

max active torrents :2

max active downloads :1

port is forward [lights green]

enable encryption is enabled

I have list of running processes will post if needed

i have tried disabling upnp port mapping

and NAT-pmp port mapping both then alternated the two no big difference

one torrent has 10 seeds 51peers download speed is 15.1 upload is 14.9

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Considering your speed test measured upload of 687 kilobits/sec, you could even use xx/640k or at least xx/512k in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

That should improve the download speed a little as well, though the upload side should see the biggest increase. If the upload limits aren't being reached and sustained on busy torrents though, you probably need to back off to the xx/384k or xx/256k settings again.

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