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weird speed behaviour which shouldnt happen (in my opinion)


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i am using 1.2 offcial and the speeds are actually really good. I am on cable 6000/384.

I am using a router with Qos (bandwidth throttling), linkysys wrt54g with dd-wrt latest firmware.


* if i cap my upload in utorrent to 30 (which i usually do) i get nice speeds.

* if i set u/l to "0" (unlimited) the dl rate drops *significantly*.

NOW - the point is i KNOW that usually my cable-u/l rate should be about 80% of my bandwidth - but the point is that i can do this in the router already (set ul to 80% of what i have) - THEREFORE should be able to set it to "0" in utorrent and dont need to worry to cut my bandwith.

I also dont see such high rates which would cut my d/l bandwidth...eg. if i would constanly see 45kB ul or so i know the download is capped. But iu see utorrent only uploading in the 30s and *Still* the download-rate is VERY low.

If you have very low download speeds: CHECK whether you have your upload-rate in utorrent at "0" and set it to something 80% of your upload bandwith and check your download rates then.

But as said my problem is it should be possible with "0" since the router caps my uploads already.

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Well, µTorrent's UL display isn't too good, you might wanna use NetMeter or DU Meter to see the actual upload amount.

QoS only helps, it won't magically make everything better, you typically still need to throttle the upload. If you uncap it, then more bandwidth is used for uploading, which makes ACKs and BT communication have less spare bandwidth, even with QoS. Turn QoS off and I imagine your download will drop even more. I use software QoS and I find I still have to throttle the upload while downloading for the best effect.

It's also hard to apply QoS on the router for BitTorrent traffic, you'll need really good filters with iptables to do it -well-, I do believe.

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