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Download speed is fine..Upload speed is not...


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I'm on a site where whatever torrent I download I have to upload the same amount or more.

I keep my ratio up by uploading new Torrents but once one person uploads my file 100% my upload speed seems to stop even though other people are still uploading the torrent.

I also download Torrents and re-seed them but the upload speed is very slow or it's non existent. A friend of mine keeps his ratio up just purely on re-seeding new torrents but I can't seem to do the same.

Does anyone have any settings I can try to boost/start my upload seed speeds?

My download speed is absolutely fine and my port is forwarded correctly.

Sorry if this has been discussed millions of times but any help or links would be appreciated


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I realize that. If that's the case then we both should upload half each. But my torrents just stop after I have uploaded them for the first time. I'd be happy with a small chunk but I get nothing after the original upload.

Hi Switeck

A friend of mine changed the setting:


Seed While [Default values]

Ratio is <= 999% Seeding time is: (ignore)

Ticked Seeding tasks have higher priority....

Settings in speed guide:

Upload Limit 0kb/s Upload slots 4

Connections per torrent 50

Conections global 200

Max active torrents 10

Max Active downloads 10

I have Protocol Encryption: Outgoing [Enabled] Tick Allow Incomming Legacy Con.


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You desperately need to adjust your settings to match the limits of your connection.

0 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed actually means "no limit" and tries to run as fast as possible...but it ends up bursting and crashing back down a lot.

So it's actually FASTER to set a proper upload speed limit close but below what your line can sustain.

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I have a very similiar problem. I'm on a private tracker and upload my own torrents, but they barely seed at all. I'll see peers in parenthesies but very rarely will they connect and download. If they do manage to connect, its only for a breif few minutes, in which downloads will be very slow, around 1.5kbps then stop. I easily seed other torrents while downloading, but rarely will I be able to consintantly seed my own torrents, or others off of the private tracker.

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Hi.I have a similar problem. i have a dsl internet connection.while downloading files on u torrent i get upto 200kbps.but while uploading i get only 20kbps.can anybody help me in correcting my upload settings or suggest any thing on my problem.please help me i'm new to this forum

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1c3d0g's tutorial should not be used. There are warnings plastered all over the thread saying that it's no longer recommended, and would likely cause more problems than help.

Downloading is almost never as fast as uploading because of how ISPs are. If you selected the proper option in the Speed Guide, and it's hitting the upload limit, then as Roy1491 said, the best you can probably do is get a connection with faster upload.

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Just for the record, I've seen previous complaints about Comcast throttling seeding. It doesn't seem to be a consistent problem, though, as some of the forum regulars do use Comcast, and have no problems. Try enabling encryption in µTorrent if you haven't already done so.

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