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My internet has been disconnecting once I turn uTorrent on

Fred McHaggis

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after using the program for quite a while successfully now after transferring from BitComet, my internet connection has just been dying the moment i turn uTorrent on. I tried BitComet again as well, and still the same problem. I can't think for the life of me think what I could have changed for this to have happened either.

I've been in touch with both BT Voyager and BT broadband about it and the best advice I've been given so far is to upgrade modem/router, which isn't really an option given my current financial situation, plus I don't really want to since I know it CAN work.

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this or how to stop it?

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Not recently increased upload limit or maximum connection count (either directly or by allowing more simulatious torrents)?

Having DHT and/or Peer Resolving on could cause these symptoms aswell, so try playing with those to see if it helps.


Damn I'm slow :).

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